Live Talk at Wisdom Research Forum

On May 8, Ursula Staudinger held a talk on “Improving Wisdom” at the Wisdom Research Forum in Chicago. Other speakers at this cross-disciplinary meeting, hosted by Howard C. Nusbaum at the University of Chicago, included Monika Ardelt, Judith Glück, Igor Grossmann, Valerie Tiberius and Amishi Jha. The diversity of meeting participants set fertile ground for engaging discussions about various approaches for studying and applying wisdom. Read more

Berlin Demography Forum

The „Berlin Demography Forum“ – a global platform for leading politicians, scientists, economists, and representatives of international organizations and civil society – took place for the fourth time in March 2015. Ursula Staudinger moderated the „International Scientific Panel“ with world leading demographic experts. The international scientists presented their current research and discussed the role of activity and participation in old age. Read more

Aging in Chile

Ursula Staudinger visited Chile at the beginning of January. Her visit took place in the framework of the project “When Does Retirement Optimize Health? Causal Effects of Retirement Timing on Health Outcomes and Healthy Behavior of Older Americans and Chileans”, financed by the Columbia-Chile Fund established by Columbia and Chile’s National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT). Read more

Live Talk at the Nobel Week Dialogue

At this year’s „Nobel Week Dialogue“ on 9 December, a selected group of Nobel laureates, world leading scientists as well as politicians and intellectuals discussed the implications of an aging world population. In her plenary contribution „Change and Growth – a Paradox?“ Ursula Staudinger spoke about the opportunities of societies of longer lives. Based on her research, she challenges the notion that aging and shrinking populations put an end to economic growth and innovation. Read more

Award Ceremony in Braunschweig

On 21 November, Braunschweig’s Mayor Ulrich Markurth presented the Braunschweig Research Prize 2014 to Ursula Staudinger at the award ceremony with 120 invited guests. Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil, Professor Jürgen Hesselbach, President of Braunschweig Technical University, and Professor Jörg Hacker, President of the German National Academy Leopoldina, honored her outstanding research on the plasticity of the aging process. Read more

First Columbia Aging Workshop

On November 11, the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute and the Columbia Aging Center joined forces to present the first Columbia Aging Workshop “The Aging of Mind, Brain and Behavior in Context”. More than 50 Columbia researchers – as well as President Bollinger and other University administrators – attended the workshop that highlighted the University’s commitment to advancing interdisciplinary research on aging. Read more

Annual Lecture at Tsao Foundation

Ursula Staudinger was invited for the second time by the Tsao Foundation to deliver the charity’s annual lecture on ageing and productivity. In her key note she emphasized that old age and productivity can indeed go very well together. However, according to her research the “mindset of a company” is a crucial determinant of productivity. “If everyone believes these (older) workers are less productive and this is reinforced by supervisors and company leaders, then this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy,” she said. Thus, companies and countries alike must begin to focus on “qualitative growth”. This essentially means an investment in each individual by raising the health and educational level so that people are more motivated to work – and do well in their jobs even in their later years. Read more