Berlin Demography Forum 2017

„Education and Integration“ was the motto of the 6th Berlin Demography Forum taking place from 15 to 16 February in Berlin. Experts from more than 20 countries debated on the impact of demographic change on families, work life, health and migration and the importance of education as a key factor for societal participation. A central question was what kind of school and work qualification young people, older employees as well as refugees need for the digitalized working world of today and tomorrow. Read more

Global Summit on Population Aging

From October 17 to 19, world leading aging experts, representatives of Chinese corporations and Chinese ministries gathered at the Global Summit on Population Aging in Shanghai. The main goal of the conference – co-hosted by Columbia University and Fudan University – was to analyze the characteristics, challenges and opportunities of China’s fast aging population in the context of international experience and to share new knowledge and best practice among scientists, policy makers and industry. Read more

Mastering Demographic Change in Poland

On the initiative of MEP Danuta Jazłowiecka, an International Conference on Demography was held on March 21 in Opole, Poland, which is one of the so-called demographic regions of the European Union. With high emigration and low birth rates, Opole faces an uncertain future as several other areas in Poland. What impact does demographic change have on society and the labor force – and how can demographic change be tackled? These questions were of great interest to the guests present from business, politics and science. Read more

Upcoming Event: Age Boom Academy 2016

Every day, 10,000 Americans turn 65, with ramifications for every institution. The 2016 Age Boom Academy will explore the science of work and retirement. Who can afford to retire? Is it reasonable in this time of rising longevity to increase the retirement age? These and many other pressing questions will be discussed by Ursula Staudinger and other leading experts from 9-11 June at Columbia Journalism School in New York City. Read more