“We have more life time available – but we have to seize it and shape it.”

75 Future Places of Science

Die ZEIT, 25 February 2021
“Regardless of the level of education, the way the work is organized decides whether mental performance wears out or whether it remains in old age,“ says Ursula Staudinger.

Generation Serentiy

Der Tagesspiegel, 11 February 2021
“We think that vulnerability and courage to face life are mutually exclusive, but they belong together in old age,“ says Ursula Staudinger.

Scientists demand: Research ageing in Germany better!

mdr WISSEN, 20 December 2020
“We have to shape the 40 years gained with a view to quality of life, productivity and innovation,“ says Ursula Staudinger.

Ursula Staudinger publications


Ursula Staudinger is the author/co-author of over 200 publications dealing with aspects of demographic change, the aging process and wisdom. To obtain the password for these view PDFs, please contact us.


Today, people in modern societies live approximately 30 years longer than was the case 100 years ago. Those extra years should be shaped in an active and conscious way. Ursula Staudinger investigates the plasticity of the aging process.

Ursula Staudinger


Demographic change brings about new opportunities and challenges. What does lifelong learning mean? Demographic expert Ursula M. Staudinger is keen to answer media inquiries and to explain the findings of her aging research.