Ageing Around The World

There were an estimated 600 million people aged 60 and above worldwide in the year 2000. This number is expected to more than triple by the year 2050. Are aged societies a problem? If yes, what are the solutions?

Asha Gill from Future Forward interviews a number of experts to find out more. Ursula Staudinger takes a positive outlook on ageing societies and says: “We should actually start embracing this gift of longer lives.” Staudinger emphasized that ageing societies often have a very negative ring. “We need to change in our institutions, in our legal structures, in our labor market and educational system to become better apt to deal with longer lives.”

Also, technological innovations in many ways seem to provide solutions for the elderly. But Ursula Staudinger is careful about this: “If we use technology to make life easier, and only that, we are running the risk of losing the function that is supported by technology. So to find the right balance between challenge and support will be crucial for technology developments.”

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Channel News Asia, Future Forward, 21 October 2014