Annual Lecture at Tsao Foundation

Ursula Staudinger was invited for the second time by the Tsao Foundation to deliver the charity’s annual lecture on ageing and productivity. In her key note she emphasized that old age and productivity can indeed go very well together. However, according to her research the “mindset of a company” is a crucial determinant of productivity. “If everyone believes these (older) workers are less productive and this is reinforced by supervisors and company leaders, then this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy,” she said. Thus, companies and countries alike must begin to focus on “qualitative growth”. This essentially means an investment in each individual by raising the health and educational level so that people are more motivated to work – and do well in their jobs even in their later years.

TNYS Lecture 2014_4
Ursula Staudinger holding the Tsao Ng Yu Shun Lecture 2014, Copyright 2014 Tsao Foundation

Ursula Staudinger Mary Ann Tsao
Ursula Staudinger with Dr Mary Ann Tsao, Chairman of the Tsao Foundation

TNYS Lecture 2014_6[2]
Ursula Staudinger, Dr Mary Ann Tsao, Tan Peck Sim, Deputy CEO Tsao Foundation , Meh Kim Choo, Director Hua Mei Center for Successful Ageing

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