Is Aging Reversible?

On February 10, renowned experts from the U.S. and Germany – among them Ursula M. Staudinger – convened at the German Center for Research and Innovation (GCRI) in New York to discuss the question whether aging is reversible. In her presentation Ursula Staudinger explained that as we move on through life, we discover the advantages and disadvantages of the different life phases. “There does not seem to be one ideal phase in life,” Ursula Staudinger said, “we just always wished to be somewhat younger.” Also, Ursula Staudinger emphasized that the meaning of chronological age is relative. Rather, human aging is an interplay of biology, the socio-cultural context as well as our personal thoughts, attitudes and motivations.

James Collins, Ursula Staudinger, Joann Halpern, Rodney Levine (f.l.t.r.)
Photo by Nathalie Schueller, German Center for Research and Innovation