EBW Podcast: Wisdom Reloaded

This August, a select group of the world’s leading behavioral scientists gathered in Chicago for the Center for Practical Wisdom Research Forum 2017. Their aim was to tackle some very ancient questions with some very modern tools: What is wisdom? Can it be measured? And how do we develop it?

EBW Podcast
EBW Podcast

Charles Cassidy, Director of the Evidence-Based Wisdom project (EBW), went to Chicago to find answers to these questions. During his stay, Cassidy interviewed a number of wisdom experts – among them Howard Nusbaum, Robert Sternberg and Ursula Staudinger – as well as ordinary people on the streets of Chicago to learn more about living wisely in a modern world.

The EBW Podcast Wisdom Reloaded summarizes the results of his journey and translates the latest academic research regarding the science and psychology of wisdom for the wider public.

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