Aging in Chile

Ursula Staudinger visited Chile at the beginning of January. Her visit took place in the framework of the project “When Does Retirement Optimize Health? Causal Effects of Retirement Timing on Health Outcomes and Healthy Behavior of Older Americans and Chileans”, financed by the Columbia-Chile Fund established by Columbia and Chile’s National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT).

During her stay, Ursula Staudinger met with local authorities and experts on aging. They included Jeanette Vega, Director of the National Health Fund, the state health insurer which is used by around three-quarters of all Chileans, and Rodrigo Pérez-Mackenna, President of the Association of Pension Fund Administrators. Moreover, Ursula Staudinger was invited to address the Presidential Advisory Commission on Pensions, led by David Bravo, which is currently reviewing Chile’s pension system.

Ursula Staudinger participated in two seminars organized by the Santiago Center in conjunction with Universidad Diego Portales. In her talks she addressed the paradoxes of economic growth and population aging and illustrated what impact demographic change could have for Chile.

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Visualizing Experiences:”Tools to Cope with Aging and Measure Well-Being”

Watch Ursula Staudinger’s talk (Spanish translation) at UPD.


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