For peace: human chain in Dresden

Around 10,000 people joined the human chain through downtown Dresden on February 13, 2023. In doing so, they expressed their solidarity with the victims of the bombing of Dresden and the millions of victims of National Socialist tyranny. At the same time, they drew attention to the victims and suffering of current wars and set a resolute sign for peace and freedom in Europe and in the world.

Human chain on February 13 in Dresden. © Photo: Michael Kretzschmar

As the leader of the human chain, Ursula Staudinger called on the participants in the human chain: “Let us stand up together for a democratic society where human rights are practiced. Let’s raise our voice together when the crimes of National Socialism are relativized. Let us stand up together for peace and solidarity when the roles of perpetrator and victim are twisted, to the point of legitimizing wars that violate international law.”

At 6 p.m., the people of Dresden, guests of the city, strangers and friends, neighbors and families shook hands and formed a human chain around the entire city center under the motto “Peace! Shaping the future together”. For ten minutes all the bells of Dresden’s inner city churches rang.